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About site creator 

The site creator comes from Hong Kong, a normal igo enthusiast with mediocre igo skills. I hope this site could serve igo players with different levels of igo skills and connect igo players from different languages. To accomplish my aim, I collected many igo books from China, Japan and Korea, and presented the content through OGS. I hope this effort could distribute a bit to the go chess community. Also, the production of this site was highly supported by my friends, many thanks to them.  

Contact site creator

It is hard to avoid mistakes in the input process of the questions and answers, including mistakes in wordings, mistakes in answers or other possible answers missing. Report the problems could help me to improve this site (remember to mark the specific question). Also, if you have any interesting content to add to the site or interested to cooperate with this site, please feel free to contact me through email or OGS chat box. My email: 

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